Number Theory Seminar by Dr. Anthony POËLS | 日本大学理工学部数学科

2021.11.19 | Number Theory Seminar by Dr. Anthony POËLS


Number Theory Seminar, Department of Math., College of Science & Technology, Nihon University, Tokyo, Japan

December 8, 2021

Dr. Anthony POËLS (PD research fellow, CNRS/JSPS)

Room S306, La Schola, CST, Nihon University

Title: On a variant of Wirsing’s Problem

Abstract: Wirsing’s Problem studies “how well” a given transcendental real number can be approximated by algebraic numbers. A classical version of this problem is to consider the approximation by algebraic integers. In a recent joint work with Damien Roy, we obtain a new refined lower bound for the exponent of approximation by algebraic integers of degree at most n+1. In this talk, we present the background on Wirsing’s Problem with its variants, and give a sketch of the strategy leading our improvement.